Adapted for mobile.
No installation required.

Private feedback for you! is a web service fully managed and configured by you, that enables your customers to give you private feedback, directly from their mobile phones, without requiring installation, accessing the address of your business. and GDPR

We comply to the European standards regarding the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data as stated in Regulation 2016/679/UE also known as General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR.

how to start

Contact us and decide when your plan starts
Choose the address of your business and select the way you inform your customers
We prepare your page for you and we create your initial access account in less than 24 hours. We'll give you all the support
You configure your feedback page however you want, effortlessly, from your administration page

inform your customers

Being physically close to your customers is beneficial for your business, but is proposing you a change. Choose to spend your time differently, still allowing your customers to highlight to you their experiences with your services and your employees.
We have selected for you, with great care, stylish information materials. You will pick those that are right for your business
Our designers will create for you, free of charge, the graphics of your choice in electronic format. These will be adapted to your style
Beside the physical materials present in your location, promoting your online is a good idea... (please read below)

are you on TripAdvisor or Facebook?

to give you feedback, your clients

usually uses their own mobile phone
scan a QR code or use the browser to open directly the address of your business' page
Did you know that the latest Apple iOS (since version 11) allows for QR code scan right from the Camera?
answer your questions and give their contact information
It is important to know: uses special techniques to identify and discourage unreal, defamatory, and fraudulent feedback.

should you motivate your clients to give you feedback?

The motivation of the customers that give private feedback is intrinsic, this coming from their honest wish:
to appreciate the work of an employee, your services or the experience as a whole or
to trigger changes in your business, enhancing their future experiences with it

Get, do better!

Contact us and let's start

business under control
involved employees
increased popularity
Your data are only used by Office for sending you the requested information or the offer in written form for you to be able to place the order, according to Privacy policy.